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The question many people ask is; "Why do we need to cleanse our residences or work places, and how to do it?"
When the Chi energy in our home or workplace isn’t flowing properly, and has become stagnant, it can cause problems such as feelings of depression, lots of arguments, ill health, financial loss, unseen tension between people and family, feelings of frustration and lack of motivation.
Jeanette, Clairvoyant Medium in Brisbane Do you keep dwelling on emotional issues from the past or relationship problems? If so, then it is time to seek advice about how you can help improve all the problems occurring in your life, by cleansing your residence, workplace and your aura.

The reason for positive Chi energy to flow in your business is your clients/customers need to have sense of trust and harmony when spending money in your business. The longer a client/customer spends time in your business, generally the more money they will spend. The conduct of your staff also is important as their energy is reflected in their service to you and your clients/customers; if they feel disgruntled, this can affect their productivity, resulting in financial losses in your business.

When moving into a new house, flat, unit or workplace, you will need to cleanse the new property or workplace because buildings absorb the energies of previous occupants. The curtains and carpets also need to be cleaned as they hold the stagnant/negative energies from previous tenants. These stagnant/negative energies can be absorbed by the people living or working within this space causing arguments, physical and mental illnesses, and relationship troubles.

Steps to cleansing away the old, stale and negative energy

You can request it done professionally by me the first time, when I will show you how to do complete house or business cleansing. You can do this yourself, which I’m going to fully explain here.

This is the simple technique of space and energy clearing. You will need a smudge stick, sandalwood incense, an affirmation, and a packet of rock salt.
The affirmation may go something like: “I enlighten this house with positive enforcement of positive thought of love and prosperity, as I banish all negative energy from this home.”

Friday is the best day of the week to cleanse.

Ø Begin by removing items left behind by the previous tenants that you do not wish to keep, put them out for garbage collection or give to a charity.

Ø Dust and vacuum to give a nice clean feeling.

Ø Open all the windows and doors.

Ø Put on your favourite music and let the cleansing begin.

You’ll need to focus your mind on what your aim is and confirm your intentions

You need to recite a affirmation in each room as you are smudging.

Ø You will need to smudge yourself first so you don’t leave or absorb negative energies when you leave.

Ø Start burning the sandalwood as the smoke begins to rise from the incense, starting at the top of your head, letting the smoke swirl around you. Move the incense around your body letting yourself be surrounded in the smoke. When you get down to the bottom of your legs, lift each foot and allow the smoke to swirl under the sole of each foot. Let the smoke absorb around every part of your body.

Ø Once you have smudged yourself, move to the front of the house and lets beginning.

Ø Allow the smoke to rise and fill every corner, on every wall, over every doorway and window and in every room of the house. As you are doing this, recite your affirmation.

Ø Be sure and move the sage over, around and under furniture, as these things can hold energy as well.

Ø You should work your way clockwise motion through each room until you end up back at the front door.

Ø smudging your entire body one more time.

Ø The final step is to place a pinch of rock salt each corner of each room and this will absorb any negative energy and you need to replace the salt once a month.

Some tips for keeping the home Free of Stagnant/Negative energies.

Ø Place crystals throughout the house.

Ø Place a rock salt in every corner of every room.

Ø Mist the house or workplace with Holy Water

Ø Burn Candles.

Ø Burn Incense and Smudge with sage.

Ø Burn essential oils or cones of incense in a simmering pot.

Ø Add fresh flowers in vases throughout your house.

Ø Say affirmations or prayers.

Ø Move furniture around every few months.

Ø De-clutter the house or workplace once every year.

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