Private Face-to-Face Readings or Consultations in Brisbane.

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Very comfortable Air-conditioned reading room.

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For Personal Clairvoyant readings in Brisbane.

My reading room is in the Northern Brisbane suburb of Fitzgibbon, near the Carseldine station.
I am also in Mackay for a few days a month for face-to-face readings there.

Jeanette, Clairvoyant Medium in Brisbane


Hello, I would like to share my spiritual experiences with you and how my spirit guides and angels have enabled me to pass on messages from people who have passed over to the spirit world.

My first spiritual experience happened to me in my early 20's, when my family moved to our second home. At night I would lay in bed reading, and I would watch the bottom of the bed sink down as though someone was sitting on it, then every morning I would enter the en-suite and find my eye brow pencil broken, I kept blaming my youngest son.
It wasn't until one week-end that my sons were staying with my mum that the same thing happened again. This was when I discovered that a child spirit named Stewart communicated with me, telling me that he and his sister Louise were killed in the house, and he wanted me to love him the way I cherished my sons. He also told me that Louise watched over my eldest son while he slept.
My most amazing experience was when my mother passed over. It was at 1.45am on the 9th July 1997 (just four month after my father had passed over). My mother was in hospital due to a long illness. I was laying on the bed with her alone, playing with her hair, when she stopped breathing and everything went quiet. The next thing I watched my mother's spirit rise above her body as a younger version of herself in a beautiful white dress, she moved towards the door and standing there was my father; she took his hand turned around smiled at me then they left.

Having lost many close family members, I take comfort knowing I can still communicate and seek help from my loved ones who have passed.
I am using my clairvoyant gift to give guidance to other people dealing with emotional and relationship stresses of every-day problems.
Through my gift of communicating with Spirit Guides and Angels, I can deliver their messages to you on issues of importance at this time in your life. I incorporate clairvoyance, angel card readings, palmistry, and Chinese astrology in each reading.
I give my readings face-to-face in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

I am available most days and evenings by appointment in my home in the Northside Brisbane suburb of Fitzgibbon.

The Cosmic Clairvoyant guarantees you total privacy and confidentiality in every dealing with me.
Under no circumstances will I share or sell any information about my clients. This includes contact details.
Any contact by Cosmic Clairvoyants to you will be only on matters concerning this site, and your requests. Clairvoyant's contact will be only as requested by you.

Clairvoyant readings are for entertainment value only, and as such are not meant to be giving definitive meaning to the various terms used. No guarantees of any kind are meant to be implied regarding the readings. Clairvoyant, tarot, or palm readings, and advice which I may give as a result of them are definitely not meant to be treated as if they are any form of psychological diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. Please consult a licensed health care provider if you feel the need for such a service.

I read only for persons over the age of 18, this includes the various party theme ideas.

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