Private Face-to-Face Readings or Consultations in Brisbane.

Your reading recorded onto a CD at no extra cost.

Very comfortable Air-conditioned reading room.

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Private Face-to-Face Mediumship Readings in Brisbane.

Jeanette, Clairvoyant Medium in Brisbane

My reading room is in Fitzgibbon, a Northern Suburb of Brisbane.


A Medium is the link that helps you to communicate with people who have passed over.
When it is requested I receive information from deceased loved ones for my clients. I do only personal, face-to-face readings, because I need to be sure I am channeling the right person. It happens sometimes that I am Jeanette, Clairvoyant Medium in Brisbane given a message which may seem unclear to me but which is very, very clear to you.
I will be the receiver of the messages from your Loved Ones and pass on what they want to tell you or answer questions for you, that you want to ask of them. These messages you will understand and things that ONLY you and the loved one can know. If you are open and really want to connect with your loved one, it will come through clearly, if not or you have any fear it will not be so clear or will not come at all.
Please give the details of the person you wish to contact, your relationship to that person, and their name. Photographs are a big help to any psychic medium.

The Cosmic Clairvoyant guarantees you total privacy and confidentiality in every dealing with me.
Under no circumstances will I share or sell any information about my clients. This includes contact details.
Any contact by Cosmic Clairvoyants to you will be only on matters concerning this site, and your requests. Clairvoyant's contact will be only as requested by you.

Clairvoyant readings are for entertainment value only, and as such are not meant to be giving definitive meaning to the various terms used. No guarantees of any kind are meant to be implied regarding the readings. Clairvoyant, tarot, or palm readings, and advice which I may give as a result of them are definitely not meant to be treated as if they are any form of psychological diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. Please consult a licensed health care provider if you feel the need for such a service.

I read only for persons over the age of 18, this includes the various party theme ideas.

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